Ruth 3:6-13

In our reading today we see the plan of Naomi’s put into play.  Ruth goes and quietly lays down at the feet of Boaz.  In our culture today, which has sexualized just about everything, scholars are quick to assume a sexual relationship here.  But that would be totally out of character with who these two people are and, of course, it says nothing about them having sex.  Ruth was simply making a personal, private request for Boaz to marry her, and thus keeping the line of the family inheritance going for Naomi’s family.

There is a bit of drama introduced into the situation when we, along with Ruth, discovers that, though Boaz is a redeemer, but there is actually someone who is a closer relative, and this person would have first shot at marrying Ruth, if he wishes.  Life always has complications in it, doesn’t it.

The questions we have about the future and how things are going to work out for us in life can be a source of great anxiety for the human heart.  We worry and fret about whether this detail or that one will fall into place.  And sometimes it can drive us into acts of desperation in which we can grow manipulative or abusive towards others as we try to make happen what we think needs to happen in our lives.  But Boaz and Ruth simply move forward, trusting that the Lord’s will will be accomplished in the end.  They are not confident that they will end up married, but they are confident that God has them in His hands!

May we find this confidence in our lives as well, a confidence that trusts God in all of our situations.  Things may not always turn out for us as we hope they will, but we are always in God’s hand, and that knowledge can give us a contentment that will enable us to deal with the uncertainties of life with calmness and confidence.

Pastor Bob