Exodus 35:4-19

With our building project going on this passage becomes very interesting and one that we can connect with in a very immediate way.  Here we see the call to give offerings for the building of the Tabernacle (vv.4-9), and we see a lot of detail concerning the building materials (vv.10-19).  This is the world we are living in here at Lewis Lake.  It seems like pretty much all we are dealing with these days in ministry has to do with offerings and building materials and details.  When it comes to being God’s people in the world, I guess some things never change.

I take comfort in that to some extent.  We may begin to question ourselves at times, wondering if this is really what the Lord wants us to be doing.  But when I read a passage like this I realize that yes, there are times and seasons, when this is exactly the kind of thing God has called us to do.

And so we cultivate generous hearts (v.5) and out of those generous hearts we give our contributions, and with those contributions we develop the building materials and building plans, and we move forward, developing a base out of which the Gospel will go forth and touch lives.

Pastor Bob

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