Exodus 3:13-22

Sandy and I have been on the road these last couple of days.  You run into some interesting characters, like the lady in Paducah, Kentucky, who is sure that the new chip in our debit cards is part of the mark of the beast.  Who knows, she may be right.  Or then there was the young lady working at the desk of the Super 8 in Lake Park, Georgia, who thought I looked familiar.  I told her I didn’t think so.  Never a dull moment on the road!

Moses ran into an interesting character when he was on the road as well, a burning bush that spoke, and said his name was the great “I am”.  What kind of name is that?  “I am” is not a name.  It’s a statement.  Something that Neil Diamond would sing about.  If you don’t get that, never mind.  The point is, “I Am” is not a name.

But the names of God always tell us something about God.  So what does “I Am” tell us?  Simply that God is the One who “is”!  He is, in a way that we are not.  Everything that exists in the universe owes its existence to God.  Nothing just purely exists in and of itself, though the scientists work hard to make us think so.  But no one created God.  He is pure existence.  God has always been here, and He will always be here.  He exists over and above, as well as outside of the universe.  God holds the universe in one of His hands, so to speak.  He could blink the universe out of existence and He Himself would still be there.  He “is”!

What’s the point?  The truth is, this amazing God is the One who is now going to come and save His people.  Think He can do it?  You know He can, for He is Lord over all!  And this is the God who is saving us, and is ruling over our lives as well.  And He is the God who wants us to be with Him, in paradise, forever!  Wow!

Pastor Bob

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