Exodus 17:1-7

What does it mean to “test the Lord”?  In our reading today we see an example of it.  The Lord had brought the people out into a desert area, but he had promised to take care of them.  But as soon as things became a little uncertain the people began grumbling against the Lord.  They began to doubt whether he would take care of them or not.  This is what it means to “test the Lord”, growing dissatisfied with God’s promises and refusing to believe that God cared for them and was at work in their lives.

God continues to lead his people today, sometimes into desert places, sometimes into areas of life where there seems to be no blessing, no goodness.  And when that happens, how do we react?  Are we satisfied with God’s promises?  Do we continue to live in the belief that God cares for us and that he is taking care of us?

May we not be a people who tests the Lord, but may we live in trust and faith that we are in God’s hands and He cares for us!

Pastor Bob

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