Exodus 16:22-36

The Sabbath day was a marker for the people of Israel.  By keeping this day separate, the people of Israel were a living sign to the world about God and how he was calling people to be His own.  Now the Law had not yet been given at this point, so there was no specific command to keep the Sabbath, but we can see already that God was shaping and forming his people, through the kind of lives they would live, to be his own. God miraculously made the manna last over the Sabbath day as provision enabling Israel to rest on the Sabbath.  By doing this the people were showing their trust in the Lord.

Christians today do not live under the same strict Sabbath regulations.  We voluntarily devout ourselves to our God on Resurrection Day, that is Sunday, to worship him, feed on his Word, and have fellowship with one another.  And just like Israel, we wrestle with trusting God as we try, in this world, to not use Resurrection Day as just another day for our own desires and pleasures.   For us, too, it is a matter of trust.  Will we devote ourselves to God or are we worried we will miss out on something important by tying up the day, or at least part of the day, with Kingdom matters?  Are we sometimes like those Israelites who were found gathering manna on the 7th day?

Something to ponder.

Pastor Bob

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