Exodus 15:22-27

Note the pattern of Israel’s experience with their God in this reading.  They set out on the journey of faith.  They then encounter a problem.  As they look to the Lord for their solution, he shows them what they are to do.  The problem is overcome, and the Lord then explains to them that this has been a test.  If the people will trust in the Lord, he will bless them and be their healer.  This is the pathway of faith and the manner in which God will walk with his people and they with him.

Our walk with the Lord today is much the same.  We set out on the journey of faith full of joy and excitement.  But then problems arise.  This is how it is for Churches and individuals.  At this point what are we going to do. Get mad?  Quit?  Blame?  Or, are we simply going to turn to God and cry out to him for help?  The life of faith always involves complete dependence on our Lord.  And when he has brought us through the Lord will inform us that this has been a test to teach us to trust in him even more.  And He will extend to us the promise of blessing, as he calls us to walk with him in faith.

Got problems today?  Keep turning to the Lord.  Even for the stubborn ones that won’t seem to go away.  For this process is life-long and the end of the story has not yet been told.

Pastor Bob

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