Exodus 15:1-21

How should a person respond to the salvation that they have experienced from the Lord’s hand?  If God comes to a person and says “I will save you instead of judging you if you will allow yourself to be joined to  Jesus in faith”, what kind of reaction is called for?  How do we respond when, through no effort on our part, we are standing in freedom while the enemies of our soul lay totally defeated at our feet?

The answer is worship!  The natural reaction of the human heart to the wondrous salvation of God should be to lift up our hearts to the Lord and give him all the praise and honor and glory that we can.  That’s what Israel does in our reading today.  They sang a song to the Lord.  They proclaimed that no one is like their God (v.11), and they proclaimed that, in His steadfast love, God had led the people whom he had redeemed, into his holy abode (v.13)!  God’s people respond to God’s salvation with worship.

Christians today sometime get bored in worship.  Now some worship services get a little boring, it is true.  But I think worship boredom more often comes from forgetfulness.  We lose the idea that we are responding to how wonderfully the Lord has saved us. We forget how bad our bondage to evil was.  We forget that God was the one who did all the work of saving us.  We forget what it was like to stand at the edge of the sea, with the bodies of our enemies floating in the water.

Remember your salvation and you will be moved to worship the Lord no matter what is happening in Church that day!

Pastor Bob

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